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About us

      The Department of Foreign Languages is an inter-faculty unit of CUT, established to conduct teaching activities in the sphere of foreign languages, enabling students to gain and broaden their knowledge of foreign languages. The Department is also responsible for testing linguistic competence of students and doctoral graduates as imposed by the University statutory requirements, e.g. conducting qualifying examinations and assessment of prospective students, assessment of candidates for traineeship and scholarship abroad or examining PhD graduates.
      The Department offers students a choice of four foreign languages: English, German, French and Russian. The syllabuses allow for acquisition and development of general language skills as well as languages for special purposes.
      Each student of CUT is obliged to take a course in a foreign language of their choice, the time of which and hour limit are established by the Faculty Councils. The Councils also decide on the form of the course completion (signature or examination), and on the possibility of taking a course in another foreign language.
      Language training is provided in compliance with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages requirements. The Department is a member of the Association of Foreign Language Centres at Institutions of Higher Education (SERMO), representing Poland in the European organization CercleS. The principal objective of CercleS is to assure the highest standards in foreign languages teaching in the European education spectrum.