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   It is now commonly believed that learning foreign languages is essential. Painful experiences related to the lack of this ability were described by Ryszard Kapuściński in his book "Travelling with Herodotus". The first stage of his trip to India turned out to be extremely frustrating:


"...All of a sudden, I felt trapped and forced into a corner. Forced into a corner by the language. The language that, at the very moment, seemed to be something material, something physical, a wall that comes out of nowhere and stops you, shuts down the world ahead making it inaccessible. There was something humiliating and degrading in the feeling."

    Demand for linguistically competent graduates has been growing dramatically, especially after Poland's accession to the European Union structures. To meet this demand, it is obligatory for all Bachelor-level and PhD students, whatever their degree subject area, to acquire necessary skills in a foreign language. What is more, knowledge of foreign languages is recognized as a key to a successful professional career in all fields. The Polish Association for Human Resources Management, after analyzing the all-Poland survey conducted in nearly 400 big and medium-sized companies, stated that knowledge of foreign languages is the most important factor when recruiting new employees. Linguistically competent graduates also significantly increase their career prospects on a global market.